Saturday, October 8, 2016

The R4TS4&T2TWH Mash in Review

It seems necessary and timely to make a few important points about the last week:

1. It happened and it was a Mash. 'Nuff said.

2. It's easy to buy too much good bread in Italy and it's a darn good problem to have. 

3. Alcalde was right: Body wash can work as laundry detergent.

4. Alcalde was wrong: He didn't find Al by himself and he doesn't deserve all the credit. It was truly a team effort. Jose contributed by driving in tight corners along Italian cart paths that posed as roads and I contributed with leadership by loudly proclaiming, "Sharp's the word!". It was inspirational. Also, it was my communicating in donkey with Italians and Seborgans that brought us our first real breakthrough with the man whose sheep were on holiday, because it was him who told us to look on Via Cassete.

5. There is no way to describe how funny it is to hear Jose singing Olivia Newton John songs in Clouseau accent while driving along the coast in the French Riviera.

6. The view of Monaco from that balcony is something that could never get old.

7. The songs from Birdemic will always, always, always be outrageously funny.

8. There is absolutely no way it is necessary to get to the airport--any airport--early when one is flying Lufthansa.

9. Some movies are so bad they're not worth seeing, even if one has waited over thirty years.

10. There is pretty strong evidence that a sarcastic, barbed sense of humor grows stonger with age, especially when it is confronted with the likesame.

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